New Gig Announcement - Cast

So it seems that photo passes are like London buses; you wait ages for 1 and then 2 come along in quick succession!

Last month represented only the 2nd month in 15 that I haven't photographed at least one band that month.  I was concerned that December would become the 2nd month in a row I hadn't photographed any gig, however with the late acceptance for Michael Schenker last week, this did not happen.

This week also sees another late acceptance for a pass to photograph Cast who are playing in my favourite Manchester venue, Academy 2 on Sunday. Cast have been around since the early 90's, and to be honest, when I applied for them, I couldn't have told you who they were or named you one song of theirs.  Coming from the North West, I'd have expected to have at least know about them.  They've had 3 top 10 albums and 7 top 10 singles, which added even more confusion as to why I didn't know who they were.

As part of my research pre gig, I always have a listen to any songs that the band have put out there and as I write this, I have been listening to their Soundcloud which has quite literally blown my mind wide open and taken me on a nostalgic 90's trip down memory lane.  As the first few lyrics of Alright hit, I suddenly realise, I used to listen to these guys back in the mid 90's!  This fantastic trip continues with the unmistakable riff in Sandstorm and finishes with the Scouse infused sorrow of Walkaway.

Cast have release a new single called Baby Blue Eyes which sounds exactly like some of their biggest hits from the 90's but a lot more polished and mature but still with that distinctive North West rock n roll flavour that made the 90's so special for music.  With all that in mind, I am now even more looking forward to Sunday than I was an hour ago!

Thanks to Alex Fordham for arranging the pass for me.

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